Monday, August 04, 2008

Mad over Men

Cow spent far too many hours over the weekend watching "Mad Men", the series about Madison Avenue advertising executives in the 1960's.

Cow was quite taken with this show and it's most talented cast, especially Vincent Kartheiser.

When she was done watching it, she watched it all again with the audio commentaries. That's how good it was.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay. Meet you in the clubhouse to talk over the last episode!

BTW: I totally understand the whole Peggy ignoring the baby thing. SHe didn't even know she was pregnant, after all, so it's not like she was bonding for nine months.

And I know that can happen, because I once fell off a horse and while I waited for stitches, they dealt with a lady who didn't know she was pregnant and had a baby in her pants....

Draper Daisy

9:19 PM  

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