Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Cow has been grazing the summer away with a big box of old DVD's passed on by a friend.

Cow admits to enjoying The Dance, live DVD of Fleetwood Mac. Cow now has a big crush on Lindsey Buckingham, and indeed all of Fleetwood Mac.

As for The Naked Gun 33- The Final Insult, Cow was laughing in her pasture at the scene with the arab terrorists, the armed postal workers, and the numerous nuns with squalling babies. Not to mention OJ Simpson in a co-starring role as a hot-dog vendor. Huh.



Blogger John Demetry said...

My Fleetwood Mac blog, Heroes Are Hard To Find is conducting a contest in honor of Lindsey Buckingham's new album, Gift Of Screws (09.16.08). I thought it might be of interest to you or your readers!


4:36 PM  

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